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"When the Holy One ... wanted to bring a flood upon the world, He took two stars from Khima and brought a flood upon the world."
(Tractate Brakhot - Babylonian Talmud)

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After the Flood

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A NEW Perspective Translation (ANP)
Also Research affirming the Biblical Genesis Record,
the Biblical Creation Account

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And the evenings and the mornings were a sixth time.
Gen 2:1 And the heavens and the earth were finished, and all that occupy them.
Gen 2:2 And on the seventh time God ended His work which He had accomplished;
and He rested on the seventh time from all His work which he had provided.

A New Perspective Translation Genesis 1-11 !!
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A) The evenings and mornings were time #; each creation phase was a long period.
B) Entire universe created to start the first time.
C) Rain established during time 2.
D) Darkness cleared slowly over three times.
E) Darkness cleared by time 4 so stars clearly visible.
F) Earth, atmosphere, and human DNA totally finished at end of time 6.
G) Eden was in the upper fertile crescent.
H) Adam took a long period of many days to observe and name the animals.

I) Satan did not actually verbally lie to Eve, but baited her into wanting additional knowledge.
J) The flood was NOT global and was about 11,400 years ago.
K) The curse of the ground was ended after the flood.
L) Babel was in the Sinjar area of northern Iraq.
M) The confusion of languages was between about 11,000 to 9,000 years ago.
N) Long patriarch lifespans were dynasties that might have overlapped.
O) Genealogies not for setting dates.

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After the Flood
Missing Isotopes
Impact Craters
Noah's Ark
Genesis 1-11
Tree of Life (TLV)
Exodus Population

The Biblical FLOOD, due to a comet shower? Marsupials and what they tell us about the flood Biblical DAYS of GENESIS, the creation phases! HEAVENS, as brought forth by the Creator! after their kind, species genetic variations in Our image, only man has the capability to have dominion! Adam named the Eagle and the Lion Surely Die, Biblical Adam and Eve would not suddenly die due to disobedience! the CURSE, due to a severe climate change? FARMING, Biblical Adam and offspring as farmers RAIN, plants and mankind as the Creator brought them forth! ARARAT, Uratu, cradle of civilization! Biblical CHRONOLOGY, not a complete continuous record for dating purposes! BABEL, confusion of the languages from one language! Biblical SODOM and GOMORAH found! DRAGONS, wild creatures of the creation including dinosaurs! The NATIONS, descendants of Biblical Noah! Evidences for Biblical Accuracy! Happy and blessed EASTER! The Long Day of Joshua 10

VOLCANOES, evidences for an old age earth! Lake Varve Chronologies! Atmospheric Argon Where are the missing Isotopes? Radiometric Dating Egypt


San Andraes, evidences for an old age earth! Salt Deposits Smoky Hills Chalk Permafrost
Impact Craters Coal deposits World Wide Dinosaur footprint casts! Fossil Forest

Creation: Start to Finish
When was the creation finished ??
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Exodus Topics
What was the Exodus population ??
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