Windows 7 instructions: Installing the "Pentateuch"


Caution, read and understand all the instructions before starting
the process at the end of this page for you will be leaving these instructions !!

a) If you don't have theWord Bible study software you will need to install it !!

b) You then need to run the program "Pent_Install" to install the New Perspectives Pentateuch.

c) Then we recommend you set up theWord using the Compare function to view side by side the KJV with strong's numbers, the Pentateuch, and the Net Bible.

If you get this screen;
Click on YES to start the process!

When you see this screen;
Click on Next !

When you get this screen;
Click on Finish !

If you get this screen:
Click on Cancel !

When you start "theWord" by clicking on its icon on your desktop you will have a new Bible installed called "Pentateuch"

The screen print below shows "theWord" Compare display showing KJV with Strong's numbers, Pentateuch and Net Bible.

theWord disp

Click on the small triangle next to Compare as shown and from the pull down select "Select Bible texts for Compare view..." and then as shown in the next screen check the boxes besides KJV, Pentateuch, and Net and then you will have a Compare display so that you can compare the differences between the three translations and as desired place the pointer over the Strong's numbers to see the Michelson's Enhanced notes for each Hebrew word.

theWord disp 2

theWord disp 3

If you don't have the "theWord Bible software", download and install it from

To install the "Pentateuch.ont" file run the installation program "Pent_install.exe" when Windows asks you what to do with the download. [ click here to download ! ]