Instructions for theWord, e-Sword, mySword

First you must have running on your chosen device the source programs for theWord, or e-Sword for Windows, and/or mySword for android. If not, obtain the latest free setup programs for them from the internet and install them on your device.

The NPP+ESVM.ont file is the input for theWord and if used must be placed in C:\ProgramData\the Word\Bibles

The NPP+ESVM.bblx file is the input for e-Sword program and must be placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword along with the other Bible files to be used.

The NPP+ESVM.bbl.mysword file must be placed in internal storage/mysword/bibles of your android device along with the other bibles to be used. You must have a File manager to do this.